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Aloo Phool-Gobi

A wholesome and tasty serving of sauteed potatoes, cauliflowers c


Bombay Aloo

A well-loved traditional Indian potato dish flavoured with delica


Sukha Pancha-Ratna

A selection of five seasonal vegetables, specially prepared to gi


Saag Paneer

Fresh leafy spinach cooked with home-made Nepalese cottage cheese


Saag Aloo

Fresh spinach cooked with potatoes and tomatoes


Mushroom Parikar

Fresh mushrooms lightly cooked and infused with herbs.


Bhindi Sukha

Whole okra cooked with tomatoes, capsicum and spring onions


Aloo Bhanta

Potatoes and aubergine cooked with special core to preserve its o


Nepalese Daal

A bowl of the finest black lentils cooked with ginger, green chil


Pokhreli Daal

A selection of five mixed lentils traditionally prepared and temp


Aloo Channa

A delightful preparation a potatoes and chickpeas. Prepared mild


Dall Sag

A fantastic combination of spinach and lentils a real favourite w



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