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Papad Basket

Plain and spicy, served with Rara chutneys.


Onion Pakora

Finely sliced onion pieces marinated in spices, deep fried and se


Vegetable Samosa

A delicious pyramid shaped package of potato, sauteed onion, garl


Hariali Tikka

Cubed pieces of chicken breast marinated in mild green chillies,


King-Prawn Aduwa

2 King prawn marinated in a special blend of green herbs mustard


Malai Chicken

Cubed piece of chicken breast marinated in a lightly spiced Malai


Prawn Puri

Prawns slight spiced and cooked with coconut for a sweet and sour


Chicken Chilli

A Nepalese village dish consisting of sliced chicken breast marin


Kebab Rasilo

healthy serving of skewered minced lamb with freshly ground spice


Mushroom Miracle

Lightly spiced and sliced mushrooms sauteed with finely chopped g


Rara-Special Mix

Combination of Chicken Tikka, sauteed mushrooms and homemade vege


Pahari-Peero Lamb

Tender pieces of lamb cooked in Tandoor, sauteed with green chill



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